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Why do you think camera filters were created? Why is a selfie in Snapchat preferred over selfie in normal camera? We all know the answers ourselves. We dream to have a flawless glowing skin in our selfies, which we don’t possess actually, so we love those filters that make our skin look like a Johnson’s baby! 

But have we ever thought how wonderful it will be, if we get that filter-like skin in reality. I just read yesterday, “Confident is the girl who dares to post a selfie without any filter” LOL! Actually, no one of us does that, because we are so embarrassed of our un-toned skin. So, why not drive away this flaw and actually start working on our skin rather than finding suitable filters. So, here are a few tips as researched by our website which may help us improve the natural glow of our skin. The tips include both the lifestyle related suggestions as well as products related suggestions.


We know that more than a half of our body is composed of water so it becomes of the utmost importance to water our body up to its required level, in other words, staying hydrated. Just like plants need water for photosynthesis, similarly just dumping food inside our stomach without the required average intake of water per day leads to complete drain of the nutrients of the food. So, the energy of the food we eat cannot be extracted by our body without required level of water. 

Besides this, water leaves behind all the cosmetics, when it comes to working for our skin. Yes girls, you heard it right. You don’t need to spend as much on your skincare products as you used to, after knowing this magic spell.  Regular intake of water makes our skin as flawless and glowing as no other beauty product can. But drinking the prescribed amount of water is a ‘task’ for too many of us, who don’t even, bring that to our priority lists.

 My mother is always a woman with minimum makeup but she is so glowing that light reflects from her face like a mirror! And her secret mantra is not a cream, not a concealer, but simply more than two liters of water per day. Cheers to your water bottle mommy!


We all are well aware about the benefits of eating fruits and salads which are commonly talked about, viz; low fats, balanced blood pressure, more fibrous diet, better digestion, and on and on. But there is another very vital benefit of consuming fresh fruits that we often forget to talk about, and that is most of the fruits such as blueberries, kiwi, oranges, papaya, strawberry are super rich in Vitamin C. Explaining further, vitamin C is an antioxidant which enhances the radiance of our skin to a large extent. 

Salads on the parallel seat, contain certain nutrients which act as natural sunscreen for your skin and synthesize collagen. Effects of these functions are sharp decrease in dark circles and smooth wrinkles-free skin and make your selfies spotless without filters.

It is completely agreed that cosmetics are meant for getting instant effects and suggestions like adding fruits and salads to our diets take comparatively much longer time to show their results on our skins. But none of us can deny that fruits may take a longer time to show results but also the results last longer. On the contrary, cosmetics show results instantly, but the results also vanish instantly.


We all know that the ultraviolet rays of the sun harm the cells of our skin and certain sunscreen creams can prevent such harm.  So we recommend the following best seller product on amazon:


This product, being totally chemical-free and tested and verified by dermatologists, gives complete UVA and UVB protection. The product can be used on all skin types to prevent sunburn or tanning. Also, the product is water-proof and sweat-proof and it is available in different sized packings. Just apply it gently on face and other exposed of the skin regularly before going out in sun to have best results.


A succulent plant species, aloe vera is being used by us from over thousands of years now. Also referred to as a ‘wonder plant’, aloe vera is known to have numerous health and cosmetic benefits. Just like the vitamin C of the fruits, sap of aloe vera is an amazing antioxidant and prevents sunburns by providing protection from the UV rays. If your skin is too sensitive to use sunscreen and other skincare products, here is a thing to rejoice. Many top brands have started manufacturing aloe-vera gel which is beneficial for all skin types. We recommend you the following product after due research:


Completely safe for regular use, just a gentle application of the gel after cleansing your face makes it nourished, smoother and softer. 


Just like all of us have different hair textures, we all have different skin types. Some of us have extremely oily skin while others have a dry skin. There is not much we can do to actually change our skin types; we can just use the products accordingly.

Make sure that you wash your face properly with a face wash in respect to your skin type every time after coming back from somewhere outside. Just like organisms respire to stay alive, similarly our skin cells need to breathe to stay healthy, so it is important to keep our breathing pores clean. 

The increasing pollution level of the air blocks the pores of our skin with minute dirt particles, which are not seen with the naked eye but they need to be removed in order to prevent acne or other problems like black heads.


When my mother used to scold me for waking up late in the morning, I used to convince her by stating an endless essay on the benefits of sleep. But let me clear out friends, mothers are never wrong. Period. Waking up late to complete your sleep is not the mantra, rather early to bed, early to rise is the mantra. 

Most of the teenagers mistake it to be more sleep, more benefits, but actually it is just the average seven hours of sleep required by a normal human body to keep problems away. Lack of sufficient sleep may lead to dark circles and early wrinkling. So let us schedule our sleep for more glowing skin.


Girls, if you think it is boring to sit and chat for a while with our grandpas and grannies, then you are mistaken. And you have to agree when I say that most of us do really feel that most of the times. But grandparents, more specifically grandmas, have a huge treasure of DIYs for all of us. They are definitely more experienced than those youtubers whose DIYs we follow. A chat with them about tips for more glowing skin will give birth to some amazing home-made remedies. And I am sure, that is the case with all of our grandmothers, just the difference will be that all of them will add a certain unique personal tip to those remedies. Some of them with sure results are listed below for you:

For oily skin: Make a face pack of gram flour, curd, turmeric and rose water and apply it thrice a month

For dry skin: make a face pack of papaya, honey, milk cream (malai) and rose water and apply it thrice a month

So, no more extravagance on branded face packs. Let’s trust our grandmaa this time!

8. PAMPER YOURSELF (regular cleansing & scrubbing)

Most of the females these days state that they are too busy to take out time for their own selves. Whether they are working or a housewife, most of them keep their beauty-keeping as their last priority under the endless list of their workplace and family responsibilities. But it is time to prioritize to care for your skin. 

Cleansing and scrubbing once a week with nice branded cleansing milk and scrub, make us look more smooth and clear. And trust me, it is not such a cumbersome task, you just need to take out five to six minutes out of seven days of your week for the sake of your skin. Just choose the products according to your skin type.


The oily samosas and pakoras from the stall outside your colony seem tastier than a samosa from Café Coffee Day. But the only extra ingredient added to those stall samosas is the dust and polluted particles from the vehicles passing by on that road! Also, they are deep fried in the oil which is already used more than unlimited times. 

No offence to street food lovers, but if we are aiming towards a healthier skin, we need to minimize the consumption of such food before we spend all of our pockets on buying cosmetics. The excessive spices and oil in those foods will harm our stomach later, but effect out skin first. The excessive oil blocks the pores of our skin and do not allow smooth respiration of skin cells, further leading to acne.


This term refers to the practice of removing dead cells of our skin. We need to exfoliate on regular basis to keep our skin smooth and radiant. There are certain products made up for this purpose which are explained in another article by our website. You can read it here (the link of that article)


This point is majorly for normal and dry skin types. It’s not only the facial skin to be taken care of. There are uncountable cosmetics available for application on face but we do a very little for the skin on rest of the parts of our body. It is equally essential to moisturize yourself from head to toe after bathing as bathing itself. Also, make it a habit to apply a body lotion on hands and feet after washing them before going to bed every night. This will prevent tearing of our heels, which is a common problem for females. 

We recommend you the following body lotion:


Vaseline is one of the top brands when it comes to skin care. It offers a varied range of body lotions, specifically meant for various skin types, at reasonable prices. Regular moisturizing with Vaseline will prevent dryness and itching. 

12. YOGA

Yoga is one of the greatest gifts that India gave to the world. But sadly, foreigners are more curious to learn and practice yoga while the interest of Indians themselves is constantly decreasing. Not to our much surprise, there is no problem of human body that yoga cannot cure. So, why not skin? 

Regular practice of certain asanas improves our blood circulation which promotes the texture of our skin and eliminates the appearance of acne, wrinkles and dark circles. So, if you are searching for natural ways to enhance the radiance of your skin, without much use of cosmetics, yoga is definitely the right door to knock at.  You can watch youtube tutorials related to the same for help and more details.


I saw a video snap of one of my friends yesterday, in the middle of which, the filter from her face suddenly disappeared. I don’t need to explain further, I guess!

But now, there is no need to hesitate before taking a selfie without filters. Our natural skin beauty always has the ability to make us like prettier than those artificial features. Happy glowing!