The science of the human body is one of the vastest subjects because the human body is actually the most complicated creation of god. But now that biologists have researched enough, we know that each and every cell of our body renews along the specific periods of time. Henceforth, If we talk about all the cells collectively, then we are totally a ‘new’ body with all ‘new’ cells after every ten years or so. It is like Red blood cells renew after four months, bone cells renew after every three months and skin cells renew after every two to four weeks.

These internal cells get replaced and disposed of on their own but dead cells of the skin need to be taken out by our own selves otherwise they turn into blackheads and block the breathing pores of our skin. Such removal of dead skin cells is termed as exfoliating the skin. It is not such a difficult task that you need to call up your beautician every time you need to exfoliate but also it is not as easy that you can do it all by yourself without knowing the right way and the right products. 

So here we are to help you by explaining the steps to exfoliate the skin.

Facial exfoliation 

Facial exfoliation is the technique for removing dead skin cells from the areas of our face. You cannot always apply the similar methods of exfoliation on the facial skin as well as the skin on the other parts of the body. So, here is a detailed list of the methods for both kinds of exfoliation.

Method 1) Use the right bristled brush

This is a mandatory product if you are exfoliating outside the shower. Brush your skin gently in circular motions with this long-handled brush which is specially designed for safe usage on the face. This will remove excess oil and blemishes.

We recommend the following skincare brush for this purpose which is available on Amazon.

Segolike 2 in 1 deep pore cleansing exfoliating brush

Exfoliating through this brush may be optionally accompanied by as very necessary to suitable scrub but it is very necessary to apply moisturizer after this process.

Method 2) Scrubbing

Choose the right exfoliating scrub according to your skin type because some dermatologists are not in favor of exfoliating skin through scrubbing. Once you have got the right product in your hand, gently apply the scrub in circular motions on your face so that the tiny particles in the scrub cleanse the pores of your skin and remove out the dead skin cells. Apply gentle pressure while scrubbing on the area around the nose and on the nose because it is the area that is most prone to black-heads and oily pores.

We recommend you the following product for this purpose:


This product by Himalaya helps us to remove the impurities trapped in the pores of our skin which is not possible during regular cleaning. Himalaya has prepared the scrub with natural ingredients including crab apple, weed seeds, vitamin D, vitamin E and walnut shell to even the tone of the skin and make it smoother, elastic and nourished.

Method 3) Glycolic pads

These pads are easily available in any drug store near you. Similar in shape and size to nail paint removing wipes, these glycolic pads are acidified adequately to cleanse our skin. This method is so simple that you just have to wipe your face once a week with these pads to exfoliate, just similar to the way we clean our faces with wet wipes after coming home from a trip to a dusty local market.

Make sure that exfoliating by these pads is followed by the application of a nice moisturizer or a sunscreen suitable to your skin type to prevent any dryness due to the acid in these pads, though it is gentle, safe, dermatologically tested.

Method 4: Cleansing

This method is best suited for people with sensitive skin. Usually, the scrubs or brushes may lead to rashes on sensitive skin types. So cleansing is a safe exfoliating method if you experience the mentioned problem. These cleansers are in liquid form just like colored water, which are easily available at the cosmetic stores.

Coming to the application part, first of all wet your skin with warm water. Pour a little amount of the cleanser in one of the corners of a clean cloth. Rub that cloth on the skin in circular motions just like we brushed our skin in the first method. You don’t need to rub very harshly; exfoliating requires just a gentle massaging. 

Based on our research, we recommend the following product which is available on amazon.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser

Make sure this cleansing is followed by rinsing your face with lukewarm water. Do not wipe it dry hardly with a harsh fabric towel; it must be soft to prevent any rashes. This must be followed by a gentle application of moisturizer according to your skin type. This will help to drive away any redness caused by the process of exfoliating. 

Method 5: Glycolic mask

Though costly, but it is an effective method of exfoliating. These masks are easily available online; they contain alpha hydroxyl and beta hydroxyl acid which is an excellent exfoliating combination of acids. Apply this mask once a week for effective results. Amino acids in them brighten the skin while improving the skin tone and removing spots and blemishes.

Method 6: Exfoliating face wash

This is the most common, easy and convenient method for exfoliating our facial skin and it is the least expensive method. Choose the face wash according to the sensitivity of your skin and wash your face thoroughly with the same on a regular basis for healthy skin. 



Buy a skincare brush of good quality which has natural and soft bristles and a long handle. Rub this brush with a gentle pressure in circular motions to remove the dead skin cells. This method is suitable for exfoliating outside the shower. 

This may be followed by scrubbing with an exfoliating scrub containing salt, sugar or some other exfoliating agent.

In the last step, apply moisturizer according to your skin type.


First of all, collect all the props, including a loofah and an exfoliating body wash. An exfoliating glove can be an alternative to the loofah, which is available in the drugstores. These products are made up of natural sponge to cleanse the pores and pits of the skin and remove dust particles and black heads. 

We recommend you the following body wash for exfoliation:


Apply this body wash in a coin-sized amount on the loofah and rub it firmly to produce lather. Then, rub that loofah with little pressure on the arms, legs, and back. The tiny exfoliating granules of the body wash will clean out the pores of our skin. This may cause some redness so do not wipe your body harshly with a hard towel. Just pat a soft towel for wiping yourself dry. 


 So, now we are all ready to be the masters of exfoliating our skin. Just be careful while choosing the products to prevent any harm to your skin and follow the steps in the right order for the best results. Happy exfoliating!