My grandfather says, “The shops whose customers are FEMALES, can never ever fail.” And he is so right because females of all ages have shopping as a favorite hobby, whether it is shopping for apparel or accessories. 

Their never-ending mouthwatering for attractive accessories has led to an equally proportionate variety of products by highly competitive brands all over the world. The consequences include high prices and a ‘problem of plenty’. We get confused because we have endless options to choose from, whether we talk about the nail color on our toes or sunglasses on our eyes; the variety and confusion are ubiquitously hands in hand.

Discussing the sunglasses, in particular, our website is your best friend is here to help to enable you to pick the right products for you.


Our eyes are arguably one of the most sensitive organs of our body and also, they are the eyes only which actually enhances the beauty of our all facial features. Probably that is why; we have an altogether different world of eye makeup specifically! So, if we are spending on cosmetics to beautify our lashes and brows, we also need to spend a little on their protection. Though our eyes are meant for the reception of light, yet we need to protect them from any harm by the strong Ultraviolet radiations of the sun. That is where sunglasses come into the picture. 

But I am sure that most of the young ladies these days wear sunglasses mere as an accessory, which adds to their OOTDs, and not as eye protection. 


Just like waves of trends affect women’s clothing styles from time to time, there are ongoing trends in the case of sunglasses too! 

Shield, polarized, cat-eyes, colored lenses, aviator, oversized are to name a few. Let us help you to choose the best suited for you:

Best Sunglasses for Women 2022:


Ray-Ban Women’s Metal Bridge Sunglasses

Being the only top quality brand that specializes in manufacturing sunglasses and eyeglasses exclusively, Ray-Ban catches our attention foremost. Though more famous for its Aviator style sunglasses, this product caught my eye due to the amazing concept of blending of both metal and plastic frames together in one design. 

The description of the product says that these sunglasses have two years warranty on manufacturing defects and a green-colored glass lens for a trendy look. With a nose bridge of 21 mm and 150 mm of temple length, this pair is a must fit for broad faces. The black-colored frame is plastic but temple length is a silver medal with a matte finish.

Coming to the brand Ray-Ban is the most renowned sunglasses for last 83 years with its headquarters in Italy. The designs are an inspiration from the Generals of the Second World War, specifically Aviators. As long as they are manufacturing only eyeglasses, let’s trust them for their specialization and expertise.


Michael Kors 2023 318813 Bottle Green Adrianna III Round Sunglasses Lens Catego

This deep bottle green color is all that you need to add a unique element to your collection of sunglasses. The dull golden temple lengths are boasting the brand name in the initial part and covered with black ear support in the latter part. The shape is evergreen with very sleek nose caps continued in the same color.

Coming to the product description, though it is expensive but it is a worthy investment to flaunt your style and protect your eyes at the same time. The dimensions say 10.2 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm. The article is lightweight with just 27.2 grams. 

The frame is good quality plastic holding the UV protected brown coloured lenses attached with metal temple lengths. 

Michael Kors Chealsea Women’s Sunglasses M5004 1014T5 Gold Aviator Polarized 59 mm

Though it resembles the basic aviator-style glasses the half plastic frames on both sides are making it absolutely out of the box. The brand name is being flaunted on the front on top of the left lens as well as it is shining on the temple length. 

Coming to product specifications, the mainframe is golden metal but it is coated with black plastic on the sides. The bright golden metal continues to the temple lengths. We have soft rubber nose caps for a comfortable grip. 


Talking about MK as a brand, it is known to be the topmost brands in handbags and fragrances. The famous American fashion designer Michael Kors is the Chief Creative Officer of the brand himself. 


GUESS None Cat Eye Women’s Sunglasses – (GUESS WOMEN S7573 28Z 55 SUNGLASSES|55|GREY WITH PINK MIRROR Color Lens)

That pretty little word GUESS on that trendy and shining temple length is all you need to choose to raise up your look. Cat is kinda a compliment for beautiful eyes but doesn’t worry if you don’t have grey cat eyeballs, you can wear this classy pair of cat-eyed goggles to steal that compliment. The charm of that rose-gold colored frame is unmatched. 

The description of the product includes a 17 mm Nose bridge and 140 mm temple length. So it is best suited for you if you have a broad face. Also, the product comes with a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects, if any. Just a couple of minus points may include high price and its heavyweight because the material is metal, and not plastic but also, according to me, the metal look is more eye-catching than any ordinary plastic frame.

Guess Gradient Round Women’s Sunglasses – (GUS7544-S5292WSG|52|Blue Gradient- Light FM Color Lens)

These medium-sized sunglasses will kill with their look on your face. Those silver rounds twined in each other on the temple lengths are a rich design with a nice effect by few diamonds. The frame is plastic material but the nose bridge is dull yet shiny black metal. 

Coming to the product description, the nose bridge is 20 mm and the temple length is 140 mm. The pair comes with a one year warranty on manufacturing defects. The frame is of crystal blue colour attached to shiny dark blue temples. The frame is holding Light FM coloured plastic lenses which give you 100 percent UV protection. 


Talking about the brand, this inverted red triangle is as famous in accessories as it is in clothing. I am not sure if you have heard any such song but GUESS has been used in many song lyrics to indicate a top-quality and expensive brand. Serving fashion lovers for 38 years now, it is still rising in terms of quality and popularity through its numerous outlets all over India. 


Lacoste Gradient Oversized Women’s Sunglasses – (Lacoste 748 219 57 S|57|Brown Color Lens)

How is it possible that when you are amidst the jungle of top brands, you miss this bright green crocodile with white lining? Usually, they say that it is the crocodile whose mouth gets filled with water looking at delicious human beings, but this is the only crocodile that makes human beings mouth water for it.

About the description of the product, I would say it is all ticks in the ideal parameters of sunglasses; with 15 mm Nose Bridge, 140 mm of temple length and totally UV protected lenses. The product comes in all the latest colors like grey and maroon as well with a one year warranty on any manufacturing defects.


Coming to Lacoste as a brand is a French company founded by a tennis player which is high rated among the buyers of clothes, shoes, perfumes and accessories like wallets and sunglasses. The brand is available easily through its outlets all over India and numerous shopping websites. Rest, the crocodile says it all which has been serving shopaholics since 86 years now.  


Calvin Klein Jeans Gradient Aviator Unisex Sunglasses – (Calvin Klein Jeans 106 008 60 S|60|Grey Color)

These pink temple lengths in a combination of the latest grey lenses took my heart, plus the aviator shape is an evergreen. More popularly known as CK, the brand name enhances the product itself even more. Gifting it to someone will be a sure hit because the design of the product is kind of everyone’s choice.

In the description of the product, it is a perfect size for even thin-faced people like me; with a nose bridge of 13 mm and a temple length of 130 mm. The sunglasses come with a year warranty on manufacturing defects and totally UV proof colored lenses, nicely fit in a designer metal frame.


The brand is named on the name of founder himself, who founded this American Luxury Fashion house 51 years ago. The company consists of top designers of the world to give the best quality and unique designs to all the CK lovers. Besides watches, sunglasses, and perfumes, the brand also extends the branches of its innovation in the field of home furnishings.


Diesel Gradient Browline/Clubmaster Unisex Sunglasses – (DL0235 54 52C|54|Grey Color Lens)

These half-frame sunglasses in grey and brown color combination are cool enough to flaunt your eye accessory in style. Also, diesel being a high goodwill brand is trustworthy and you can invest this much amount in this brand without any doubt or second thought.

Describing the product in detail, we have a broad nose bridge of 18 mm and a considerable temple length of 150 mm. this unisex design is framed in plastic that holds grey colored polycarbonate lenses to provide complete UV protection to your precious eyes.


Coming to the brand details, Diesel is an Italian Retail clothing company ‘for successful living’ as the tagline says. Founded 41 years ago in Italy, it is a well-reputed brand of clothing plus accessories. There is a separate range for junior fashion lovers, famous under the name of DIESEL KID. 


Tommy Hilfiger Gradient Round Women’s Sunglasses – (Tommy Hilfiger 2534 I C4 Brnb -34 53 S|53|Brown Color)

If you are a woman of few experiments in the matter of fashion and trends, trust us with this sure trendy look by Tommy Hilfiger. The slight cat-eye shape and the coffee-brown color of the plastic frame is designed to look amazing on any face shape and size. 

The product details show a nose bridge of 19 mm and a temple length of 140 mm with a totally UV protected brown colored polycarbonate lens nicely fit in a solid brown plastic frame and brown temple lengths. Also, the plastic nose pins won’t leave any marks on your sensitive skin.


Coming to Tommy Hilfiger as a brand is an American Fashion company that was founded by Tommy Hilfiger himself. The brand is gaining popularity in India due to its comparatively lower prices than other brands of such a level and standard. Shoppers love apparel as well as accessories by Tommy so much so that now there are separate Tommy Hilfiger outlets for kids too. 


Nike Gradient Square Unisex Sunglasses – (Nike Vintage Ev0691 202 61 S|61|Brown Color Lens)

These light brown sunglasses will suit on your fair skin, ladies. The temple lengths are kinda grey from outside but bright orange from the inner sides. The plastic grey nose caps are uniquely attached to the frame for the perfect grip. 

Talking about the product description, it is a unisex design with 15 mm of nose bridge and 135 mm temple length. The sunglasses come with a one year warranty on manufacturing defects. The frame is dull silver with a slight matte finish which holds the brown-colored polycarbonate lens to give you absolute UV protection. 


Talking about the brand details, with the tagline of ‘Just Do It’, Nike is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to sportswear. It is basically an American MNC founded 55 years ago with headquarters in Washington. Formerly known as ‘ Blue Ribbon Sports’, the company is now named after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, since 1971. Nike is the second-largest manufacturer of sportswear after Adidas in Europe. 


Pepe Jeans UV Protected Aviator Unisex Sunglasses (PJ5112C261|61|Brown lens)

Mostly all girls love Siddhart Malhotra so much so that they can choose this pair of sunglasses because he is one of the brand ambassadors of Pepe Jeans. Though I like him too, I have another reason for adding this product to my list which is the unique design of its temples. They state that it is ideal for both men and women but I feel we women will look cooler in this unisex design.

If you face a problem of unavailability of sunglasses with a narrow nose bridge for your thin shaped face, this pair is a solution for you with a nose bridge of 11 mm and an ideal temple length of 140 mm. These goggles come with a one-year manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects and completely UV protected brown colored polycarbonate lenses which are righty fit in a sleek silver-colored metal frame. The turquoise temple of good quality plastic and a minor self-design makes it lit. 


Describing the brand, Pepe Jeans is a casual wear brand with its headquarters in Spain, founded by three-weekend stall runners in London so the designs take us back to basics.


Titan Gradient Square Women’s Sunglasses – (GM313YL1FN|59|Brown Color Lens)

Needless to mention, golden frames are the latest trend in eyeglasses, whether numbered or unnumbered. And the half golden rim of this pair of sunglasses by titan is a sure compliment seeker. The delicate look and thin temples make it so girlish and stylish. The design and color combination of the glasses makes it apt to be teamed with an ethnic outfit as well. You will look no less than Sonam Kapoor! 

Specifications of the product include a nice golden double nose bridge of 21 mm and a standard temple length of 140 mm. The yellow golden metal frame perfectly holds brown colored composite lenses to provide a hundred percent UV protection and style at the same time. Of course, Titan offers one year warranty on any manufacturing defects for the complete satisfaction of its valuable buyers.


Titan being a fully Indian brand is something we all are proud of. Founded in 1984, with its headquarters in Chennai, India, Titan has been selling delights to its customers worldwide in the form of its uniquely designed watches, jewellery, perfumes, bags, belts, eyewear and more. 


Fastrack UV Protected Aviator Women’s Sunglasses – (C064BR2F|57|Brown Color)

Aviator is a style that suits almost any shape of the face and it’s so much latest color is definitely adding to its look. Just like maroon is being called ‘wine’ shade these days and dark green is being called olive, this dark brown color is ‘Havana’ as they say it in the latest modernized way! So why not join this era of ‘all latest things only’ by adding this amazing pair of glares to our outfit. 

In the description of the product, I would say it perfectly serves the duo purpose of sunglasses, that is protection and style both. The nose pins are soft and skin-friendly. Only cons being a little expensive, it may not be the product of every wardrobe.


Coming to the details about the brand, Fastrack is one of the most renowned brands in watches and sunglasses that has been manufacturing according to international quality standards since 1998 when it was born as an offspring of Titan Watches. In 2005, it started opening retail stores independently and won the goodwill and hearts of customers. 

Just like having a FastTrack on your wrist takes you to a high standard, so undoubtedly FastTrack over your eyes would also serve the same! So I would say, “my heart is in Havana, oh na na…”


Erminio Palamino Rimless Aurora Collection (ERM 74) Diamond Cut Women’s Sunglasses

Let us use our imaginations and see how pretty this pair of sunglasses will look over our eyes with our trendy outfits. The Aurora collection will really make you feel like a princess in this amazing color and rimless design and a cute nose bridge. 

Telling about the product description, polycarbonate glass lenses provide you a clear vision and total UV protection. The white color of the temple lengths is absolutely complimenting the diamond cut glasses in a fashionable way. Even if you are not ready to go out, just wear these oversized glasses over your no-makeup look with just a light Lipper and you will look super chic. 


About the brand, Erminio Palamino has a specialization in manufacturing designer sunglasses at a lower price as compared to the other top brands mentioned above. If they are out of budget for you but you want a classy pick for yourself at a reasonable price, this is the right window to peek in. 


Here we have tried to give you the list of best varieties of sunglasses from which you will surely find the right one for you to flaunt your look in style. It is usually like this that if you have black colored hair, black or grey glasses suit you more, if you have brown hair, brown or wine coloured glasses suit you more- just a tip! But the colours like pink and mauve should be chosen according to the skin tone. So now you are ready to choose the right pair for yourself. Happy Sunning! 

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