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Do you remember doing collections of different things as a child? We all loved to collect something like bottle caps or key rings or pens or comics etc, etc. There is a unique joy in such collections so we keep collecting something or the other throughout our lives, like memories being a constant. 

But not going in that direction, let us focus on this article on material collections only. It is not only children who collect things, we as grown-up women equally love to collect; the only difference is that the expenses of collection increases! The most common collection of all of the girls will surely be HANDBAGS. Whether we actually have some stuff to carry or not, we prefer to carry a complementing handbag of certain types to complete our OOTD. 

Here are a few different types of Handbags:

  1. Shoulder bags: These are the basic large-sized handbags with a lot of sections and compartments to accommodate all your necessities which you carry on your shoulder. 
  2. Sling bags: Also commonly known as cross body bags on the shopping websites, these are the bags with long holding strings to be hung near the waist from one of your shoulders. When you have something important to carry but the large shoulder bag is hindering the vivid view of your special outfit, this is the bag for you.
  3. Satchel: These bags with pretty little handles and a stiff body are the latest trends in the world of handbags. Not only trendy, but they also serve the dual purpose of a laptop bag and a normal handbag. A small piece of nice printed scarf on the handle is a sure cherry on the cake. 
  4. Clutch: These are brief in capacity but big in style. Since I was a child, I used to convince mom to give me a shimmery designer clutch with my ethnic outfits to complete my look, as I observed in the pictures of my favorite actresses. 
  5. Tote bag: Men mock them to be branded and expensive carry bags but being women, we know the importance of these bags, especially if you are a working female or a mother (which is an equally difficult job). Tote bags have lesser compartments so you can carry similar kind of stuff. We know that we have to carry certain goodies to our workplace or for our small baby, so why not carry them in style! 
  6. Hobo bag: These are casual and chic at the same time. They are shoulder bags but they are not stiff and make a crescent shape from the top so it is like a magic bag that will make all your goodies appear in your hand when you desire. 

With so much variety out there it is obvious to be in a dilemma as to which handbags are to be bought. So here we have a wishlist for you to choose from: 

Best Handbags for Women:


MICHAEL KORS Portia small saffiano leather shoulder bag Blossom

Which girl does not dream of having a bag with those pretty little golden letters that spell ‘Michael Kors’ on the front side of the bag. At least I do. And if you want to accomplish that dream this shopping season, then this is the right pick for you. I just love the way small pieces of golden chain are completing the pristine baby pink color of the fine leather. 

About the product details, the bag has two major compartments with a middle zip pocket. We also have the option of making it a crossbody bag by attaching the long adjustable string on the side hooks. It is not too heavy with a weight of 700 grams. The size is 24.1 x 9.7 x 16.5 cm; which is ideal to carry your necessities on a day out.

Michael Kors Large Crossbody Bag 32H5MTVC7M-740

This sleek golden cross body bag is a sure head-turning article by Michael Kors. The golden chain link in that long sling strap is enhancing the look elegantly. This is obviously a sure pick to add up in your sling bag collection. 

Coming to the product description, the material is pure Saffiano leather with two slit pockets and top zip fastening. The polished brand name is boasted on the front which is adding, even more, glitters to the gold. The extra-long strap is adjustable the inner material is a logo lined fabric. The bag is measured to be 24.8 x 5.1 x 16.5 cm. 


Talking about MK as a brand, it is known to be the topmost brand in handbags and fragrances. The famous American fashion designer Michael Kors is the Chief Creative Officer of the brand himself. 


Aldo Women’s Shoulder Bag (Pink Miscellaneous) 

Thanks to the colors of iPhone which have taught us that ‘Rose gold’ is an amazing colour. Holding that iPhone in the hand looks so trendy that we end up searching for rose gold pumps and clutches too. But this bag owns a lot more beauty other than its ideal stylish color in its sleek curved shape. After all, who can resist a rose gold Aldo?

Telling you about the product description, it is 20.50 cm in height, 17 cm long and 5 cm in width. We have two compartments and two pockets with a golden chained crossbody strap. The bag comes with fifteen days of domestic warranty against any manufacturing defects. Even the look from the back is next to perfect with a small zip pocket and a golden brand plate beneath. 


Coming to Aldo as a brand is a Private Retail Fashion brand founded in Canada 47 years ago with its headquarters in Montreal. Popular for its footwear range and handbags worldwide, Aldo is ranked high in the list of top most brands of the same. 


Guess Blue Coloured Handbags

That pretty little word GUESS on that shining navy colour is all you need to choose to raise up your look. With the ideal handbag shape and size for regular and casual use, this color is a total lit. 

The long handles will help you have a comfortable and tireless grip on your shoulders. 

Coming to the details, we have a single compartment as it is tote bag with no back zip pocket. The solid pattern with the fine-textured leather look is enhancing the beauty. 


Talking about the brand, this inverted red triangle is as famous in accessories as it is in clothing. I am not sure if you have heard any such song but GUESS has been used in many song lyrics to indicate a top quality and expensive brand. Serving fashion lovers for 38 years now, it is still rising in terms of quality and popularity through its numerous outlets all over India. 


Calvin Klein Saffino Chain Tote Bag

The rule is simple and universal- when in confusion, go for black. And this bag with those random strips on our evergreen black is pure elegance. That golden brand plate in matching to the chain design of handles is reasonably good. 

Describing the product details, it is a tote bag with a single compartment with 4 interior slips but no back zip pocket. The metallic touch given to the leather is enhancing the beautiful look. The same design and shape are available in pristine white colour. We have a magnetic snap closure with the ideal size of 10” height and 11.75” width. 

Calvin Klein Lincoln Daytona Leather Satchel (Sterling) 

This is definitely an extraordinary element to be added to your party outfits. The designer cuts and knots on the strap with that silver chain detail hanging on the top front with that coin-sized brand name on this gleaming sterling colour is pure ecstasy. 

Telling the product description, we get 2 slip pockets, 1 zip pocket and one exterior slip pocket at the back in this charming article. The material is genuine leather with dual carry handles if you wish to hold it like a handheld or shoulder bag, otherwise, we always have the option of attaching the crossbody strap to make it a sling bag


The brand is named on the name of founder himself, who founded this American Luxury Fashion house 51 years ago. The company consists of top designers of the world to give the best quality and unique designs to all the CK lovers. Besides watches, sunglasses and perfumes, the brand also extends the branches of its innovation in the field of home furnishings.


Madame Tote Handbag

We all want everything clear in our lives, either black or white. So why not in handbags, after all they are a major part of our outdoor lives. According to my, your collection of handbags is incomplete if you don’t have black and white. And this bag is probably one of the best picks of that category.

Explaining about the product in detail, the silver zips and black self-colored cut design are acting as perfect partners. With a lightweight of 299 grams, the size is ideal 25.4 x 25.4 x 12.7 cm. While those side-outs are complimenting the stiff look of the bag, it has both the options of holding, the small satchel handles as well as the long belt to convert it into a sling.

Madame Leatherette Hand Bag

This perfect shape and the dull mauve colour is surely irresistible and the added element of textured metallic leather of the same color tone in the form of strap and flap with slight touch of golden is equally complimenting. 

Telling the product description, we have two main compartments separated with a middle zipped pocket in the measurement of 25.4 x 25.4 x 12.7 cm. We have a gold plated brand name on the front and a small zipped pocket at the back. 


Madame as a brand has its roots in Punjab, India since the early 1980s. The brand has widespread young beauties as regular customers already but still it is undergoing further expansion in the courage of satisfaction of the madams who buy Madame. 


Fossil Rachel Leather Top-Handle Satchel

These little hearts are surely all hearts that are even gifting you a free golden key to open it up. The base off white colour is quite attractive in combination with those brown strings and straps. 

Coming to product specifications, it measures 25.4 cms x 14.61 cms x 20.32 cms and the outer material is suede. The product comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty and removable strap. The couple of minus points include that the material is not water resistant and we have only one compartment with no back zip pocket. 

Fossil Campbell Leather Cross Body

This metallic grey colour in perfectly rectangular shape is a must buy for your formal sling bag collections. The self coloured brand name on the front with a thread border lining on the sides is all what is constituted in the design. So it clearly says simplicity is beauty. 

Coming to the product description, the outer material is leather with a measurement of 11.43 cms x 2.54 cm x 9. 525 cms. There is only one compartment and it does not possess any water resistant properties. 


Telling about the brand in detail, Fossil Group is an American fashion brand founded 35 years ago by Tom Kartsotis. The brand is known for watches, wallets, jewellery and leather products like belts. 


Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Wallet (Navy)

No matter how much pockets and compartments we have in our shoulder bag, we are still always in need of a small wallet to keep our money and cards safe in a smaller wallet inside that huge bag. So this wallet is one of the best options for that bag in bag use, plus we will also look trendy even if we are holding it solely. 

Talking about the details of the product, it is the signature design and colours of Tommy Hilfiger, so it has to be good compulsorily. It is faux leather material in decent navy colour. We have 3 compartments and three pockets nicely constructed in a size of 10 cm height x 19 cm length x 2.5 cm width. The wallet comes with 180 days domestic warranty against manufacturing defects. 


Coming to Tommy Hilfiger as a brand is an American Fashion company which was founded by Tommy Hilfiger himself. The brand is gaining popularity in India due to its comparatively lower prices than other brands of such a level and standard. Shoppers are loving apparels as well as accessories by Tommy so much so that now there are separate Tommy Hilfiger outlets for kids too. 


Da Milano Women’s Leather Sling Bag (Grey)

We all women have a common disease of hunting for the right thing to buy until we find an actual ‘X’ factor or ‘Wow’ factor stuff as some of us call it. So the zig zag design and that massive stone buckle of this bag completes our parameters in that way. 

This light shade of grey is love itself but we have add ons like the silver chain and the ideal shape and size for such a kind of bag. Usually we feel that sling bags are more required in casual looks like travelling but this one is a sure party thing in 

33 x 31.8 x 11.4 cm size. Only minus being it a bit heavy with 748 grams of weight, otherwise it is a sure pick. 


Da milano as a brand began its journey in 1989 with its first store in Delhi. Exclusively manufacturing bags of all kinds, the brand has maintained a standard quality and brand position in the bag market with its unique designs at worthy prices. 


Caprese Pam Women’s Tote Bag (Taupe)

All the Alia Bhatt fans please shout a yay when I say Caprese is our all time favourite. She being the brand ambassador is one reason of course but this brand is our first choice because of its affordable prices. And this bag specifically caught my eyes due to that pretty little scarf. Also, this colour is no longer reserved for our old grandmothers, these dull shades are the coming wave of trends for all of us. 

Describing the product in detail, it is a tote bag with a single zipped compartment and internal organisers. The size is 23 cm height x 41 cm length x 16 cm width which is nicely shaped in sleek cuts with Faux leather material of taupe color. Cutting it brief, it is a classy bag for all ages and all occasions. 


Coming to Caprese as a brand is an innovation of famous luggage brand VIP, offering a huge range of handbags of all kinds since 2012. Though a newborn player in the vast industry of handbags, it is not so far from becoming a mass brand from a niche, according to the headlines.


Vero Moda Women’s Sling Bag (Pepper Green)

Elegance and grace form up the most essential jewels all women should adorn. This bag is exactly that kind with that simple yet sophisticated design in that faux leather material of unique pepper green colour. That cute golden buckle and nice tan shade are complimenting the main design and colour in a decently stylish way. 

Coming to the details and product description, this trendy sling bag is 15 cm in height and 20 cm in length with a single compartment and no back zip pocket. Of course we have the brand name tag attached in the same colour at the back. So it is definitely a product for ladies of all ages. 

VERO MODA Women’s Clutch

Honestly, I hadn’t heard the colour ‘Rose Shadow’ until I read the description of this product but all I know is that this colour is absolutely pretty. Plus the shape is so unique and praiseworthy. The silver studs on the corners and the side outs are no less. 

Coming to the product description, it is faux leather material. It has the option of an attachable silver chain to make it a sling bag but carrying it stylishly in your beautiful hand like a clutch is surely better. The height of the bag is 11 cms while the length is 12 cms. 

Coming to the brand details, Vero Moda is merrily satisfying its buyers since 1987. Being one of the ‘Bestseller’ brands of female fashion, the outlets of Vero Moda are a sure ‘dress’tination’ for all of us on our shopping day. 


Coming to the brand details, Vero Moda is merrily satisfying its buyers since 1987. Being one of the ‘Bestseller’ brands of female fashion, the outlets of Vero Moda are a sure ‘dress’tination’ for all of us on our shopping day. 


Van Heusen Woman Women’s Satchel (Grey)

The grey colour and the matching bow on the top front is a sure compliment seeker article. We have both the options to carry it according to the occasion- satchel and sling. My personal preference is to hold such a bag as a satchel for a more stylish look.

Describing the product details, it is made up of synthetic material with two compartments and a separate phone compartment so that your phone does not get lost inside even you have it all messy in there. We do not have the option of back zip pocket. 


Coming to the brand details, Van Heusen is an initiative founded in 1881, 138 years ago with its headquarters in New York City. The brand earns high revenue by selling its unique designs in the world of clothing and accessories all over the world.


Lino perros Women’s Satchel (White)

How can I miss a Satchel in my list. This bright white satchel with golden studs is sure love at first sight. The small fat shape in fine white leather with a little touch of golden at certain points is making it so trendy. 

Describing the product in detail, it is made up with faux leather material in the cute size of 18 cm height x 23 cm length x 13 cm width. We also have the option of making it a sling bag with an option of attaching a long string of same colour and material. The bag comes with 90 days warranty against any manufacturing defect. 

Lino Perros Women’s Shoulder bag (Pink)

The quilted design in this baby peach colour is small in size but big in beauty so much so that it is not a thing to miss. We also have the option to make it a sling with the provision of its detachable long strap. The gold letters are spelling the name of the brand on the front. 

Telling the brand specifications, the material is faux leather and we have one compartment with zip closure and two pockets. The measurement says the bag is 24 cms in height, 27 cms in length and 12 cm in width. We also get 90 days domestic warranty against any manufacturing defects. 

Coming to the brand, Lino Perros was founded in 1999 by Sanjay and Natasha with the aim of building a nice accessories brand exclusively which is marketing its designs with Katrina Kaif as the brand ambassador these days. 


Coming to the brand, Lino Perros was founded in 1999 by Sanjay and Natasha with the aim of building a nice accessories brand exclusively which is marketing its designs with Katrina Kaif as the brand ambassador these days. 



AND Loire Women’s Shoulder Bag (Green)

This pastel jalapeno colour is surely mouthwatering. That smaller front pocket took all the hearts with just a tinge of dull golden in the form of brand plate and zip runner. 

Detailing about the product, this bag is 28 cm in height, 32 cm in length and 11 cm in width. There are two compartments and three zip pockets with a nice printed grey internal fabric amd PU material outside. We have an added advantage of 180 days domestic warranty against manufacturing defects. 


As a brand, AND was founded by Anita Donge who is an Indian fashion designer born and raised in Mumbai. We have Kareena Kapoor as the brand ambassador these days. 


Lavie Rania Women’s Tote Bag (Lt. Pink)

These latest pastel shades take no time to prompt heart eyes. The darker pink panel in contrast below is adding more to the look with that cute element of pom pom of similar colour. We also have the option of long string to make it a cross body bag for more style. 

Telling about the product description, this tote bag is constructed with fine quality leather with two compartments and five pockets to stuff up your essentials conveniently. We have that small zip pocket at the back of course. 

Lavie Nadine Women’s Handbag with Wallet (Mint)

If we are admiring all the pastel shades these days then how can we leave this soothing mint colour in this weaving patterned design? The brand name is being highlighted in golden on the front. 

Talking about the product description, it is 33 cm in height, 33 cm in length and 12 cm in width. We have two compartments and five pockets. The handbag offers a complimentary wallet as a bag in bag of the same pattern. I liked that smaller wallet version ever more, LOL. 

Lavie as a brand, is a young Indian fashion collection since 2010. Lavie has a vast collection in all kinds of bags; totes, satchels, hobos, slings, clutches and wallets. 


Lavie as a brand is a young Indian fashion collection since 2010. Lavie has a vast collection in all kinds of bags; totes, satchels, hobos, slings, clutches and wallets. 


Baggit Women’s Shoulder Bag (Mango)

Mango is our favourite, both in taste and colour. So why not add this chic mango shoulder in our collection at such a reasonable price. Those little tassels on the handle are a sure X factor.

Describing the product, we have this synthetic material shoulder bag in the standard size of 31.75 cm height x 35.56 cm length x 11.43cm width. We have two compartments with a middle zip and a back zip pocket. 

Baggit Women’s Messenger Bag (Khaki)

The trio colour combination in those geometric patches is lovely way to carry your stuff in. That big fluffy look is cool enough for regular use. This bag is the article to be accessorised with almost all kinds and colours of outfits. 

Telling the product description, it is a synthetic, textured leather look material with the Indian khaki colour as the base shade. The bag is big as it is 25.4 cm in height, 32.2 cm in length and 11.94 cm in width. If we are bored of carrying shoulder bags, we have the option of an attachable long string to make it a sling bag too. 

Baggit is an Indian brand founded by Nina Lekhi which manufactures all kinds of stylish bags at affordable prices so there is design for all ages and all occasions.


Baggit is an Indian brand founded by Nina Lekhi which manufactures all kinds of stylish bags at affordable prices so there is design for all ages and all occasions.


Diana Korr Layla Women’s Shoulder Bag (Yellow) (DK21YEL)

Though there was a time when deep colours like mustard where totally out of the race of trends but they are back with a splash. So the design and colour of this bag together are making it fit for both casual and formal occasions. If you are the woman who wants to add a highlighter colour to her monochrome outfit by a nice accessory, this is the bag to accomplish that purpose. 

Coming to the product description, it is faux leather material with cut out strip design on both sides and the top. Of course we can not forget the cuteness which is added by that couple of tassels of the same colour. We have 4 pockets and the main zip closure with an ideal handle size for a hand-held bag. The measurements say the bag is 26 cm in height, 37 cm in length and 15 cm in width. In case you already have this mustard colour in your wardrobe, we have a number of colour options too. 

Diana Korr Women’s Handbag (Red) (DK26HRED)

That multi colored printed scarf is all what you need to make your bag look unique and designer. That graceful knot on decent red color with a small hanging brand logo on the side of the handle is a complete richness. 

Under this segment of brand description, it is mentioned that the material is fine faux leather with a standard measurement of 32 cm height, 32 cm length and 14 cm width. The material is completely waterproof and talking about interior, there are two main compartments separated with a middle zip pocket. Also we have that mandatory back zip pocket. The handle strings are a mix of chain and soft leather for a comfortable grip and style- both together. 


Coming to the brand details, Diana Korr is a young brand which laid its foundation in 2014 in the world of handbags with its headquarters in Gurgaon. The brand is specialised in manufacturing waterproof bags of all kinds in attractive designs and colours. 


So here we have set it all up for you to increase your collection of handbags in unique ways. Trust us this shopping season and you will have a nice variety to choose from inside your classy wardrobe. Happy bagging!