running shoes for women

All of us have a habit of running; it is just that some of us run far from something, while some of us run towards something. The first kind of running is a sign of lack of courage while the latter kind is a sign of ambitiousness. And running as an exercise definitely falls in the second category. 

It is good news that most of us are now getting aware of our physical fitness and making our health our priority. Females are no less. But there is a major problem associated with females being fitness freaks and that is, of course, their wardrobe. Besides getting inspired by Kareena Kapoor for her regular gymming, we are even more inspired by her ‘gym wardrobe’. 

So if you are planning to begin doing something for your health, you need to have comfortable exercise clothes and a nice pair of running shoes. And buying the right shoes is a crucial decision because they need to be very very comfortable as you are going to wear them every day for a specific period of time while you sweat out and work hard for your body. An inadequate size or a hard sole of your shoes can make you feel tired sooner than you actually get. We can’t concentrate on our exercise if a shoe bite is troubling us, right? 


  • Motion control shoes: These kinds of shoes are suitable for you if you are an ‘overpronator’ type of runner. These shoes help to slow down the rate of pronation by controlling the motion. 
  • Stability Shoes: These kinds of shoes are suitable for you if you are a ‘neutral pronator’ type of runner. We have both the comforts of cushioning and support features in these types of shoes. 
  • Cushioning Shoes: These types of shoes are suitable for you if you are a ‘supinator’ type of runner. Nike Pegasus being the common example, these kinds of shoes have highly cushioned soles in combinations to some added materials like air or gel in the midsole to raise the comfort level. 

So here we have a detailed list based on a study by our website to help you in choosing the right pair of running shoes for yourself.


Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 32 Running Shoes

With the compulsory tinge of hyper orange colour, we have the option of black as well as light violet as the main colour. Though you may get a bit confused regarding the colour of this pair, but when they will be teamed with a tight gym treggings and a hot tank top, they will look wondrous. The criss cross at the sides is a lovely design. Plus, the more important thing is comfort which is the maximum. 

Coming to the product description, the material type is the basic mesh with a lace-up closure and a 30 days manufacturer warranty against any manufacturing defects. Explaining the name Air Zoom Pegasus is a special range of shoes by Nike with ultra-responsive cushioning for more comfort and pace. What else do we need in addition to that big Nike tick to tick all the requirements in a good pair of running shoes. 

Nike Women’s WMNS Downshifter 7 Running Shoes

This combination of lava grey and peach tick with a solid white sole is style and comfort together. The front of the shoe is totally meshy to give a sweatfree and comforting grip for your little toes to breathe while running. 

Telling the product description, the pair has a rubber sole and lace up closure of same coloured laces and the material other than mesh is synthetic. The bottom is cushioned for your feet to feel soft and plush even while you are running at your fastest pace. 


Talking about the brand details, with the tagline of ‘Just Do It’, Nike is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to sportswear. It is basically an American MNC founded 55 years ago with headquarters in Washington. Formerly known as ‘ Blue Ribbon Sports’, the company is now named after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, since 1971. Nike is the second largest manufacturer of sportswear after Adidas in Europe. 


Adidas Women’s Running Shoes

We know that grey is the latest wave of trends in all apparels and footwear, so why not sportswear. This grey pair of shoes with the slight element of fresh sea green colour is a simple yet nice design from which you won’t feel bored soon. After all, the basics last longer than the extraordinary. 

In the description of the product, it is a synthetic material with lace up closure and 90 days manufacturer warranty against any manufacturing defects. The basic shape with a mandatory white sole is sure to provide you the desired sporty look. 

Adidas Women’s Adispree 2.0 W Running Shoes

This light teal as the base which is covered with black mesh is a total sport. The trio of the black strips being the signature pattern of Adidas is rocking the look. The compulsory white sole is cushioned from inside. 

In the product description, the material type is mesh with the lace up closure of black colour. We get 90 days manufacturer warranty against any manufacturing defects. The shoes are washable but do no use polish or shinner. Full white rubber sole provides durability and IMEVA midsole elongate the life span of your shoes by minimising the effects of wear and tear policy. 


Coming to the brand abouts, formerly known as Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik, renamed as Adidas in 1949 is a German multinational Corporation founded 95 years ago by Adolf Dassler in his mother’s house. It is the largest sportswear manufacturing company in Europe at present. 


Puma Women’s Rogue Wn s Running Shoes

The fine and fresh elderberry colour as they call it, is a sure pick for your sports wardrobe. You can always trust Puma for comfort and style together at an affordable price. The product also comes in a coal black colour if you are not good at keeping the light colours clean and stainfree, though they are of a washable material. 

Describing the product details, it is textile mesh with a 90 days manufacturer warranty against any manufacturing defects. In the heel, the midsole is enhanced with a unique, bold TPU stability cage. The knitted mesh provides a comfortable grip for regular use while the angular raw edge collar shape provides an attractive shelf appeal. 

Puma Women’s Incite Knit Wn s Multisport Training Shoes

I simply love these light fresh shades by Puma, especially this pair of colour tones of peach bud are so fascinating. The darker coloured strip over the lace up closure is something out of the box. The Puma logo is being stylishly imposed on the back side to make it even smarter. 

About the product specifications, the material type is textile and we get a manufacturer warranty. The light colour is not the worry because shoes are completely washable. 


About the brand, Puma came into existence under the name Ruda when the founder brothers split in 1948. With the headquarters in Germany, same as Adidas, Puma is the third largest sportswear manufacturing company in the world.


Reebok Women’s Trilux Run Running Shoes

This nice grey and aqua blue and white colours combine to give you a rejuvenating and energetic vibe. The small laces are making the shoes cute and the sleek shape is eliminating the traditional broad look of typical running shoes. 

Describing the product in detail, it is a synthetic material with lace up closure and a 90 days manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects. The upper layer is a good quality mesh and PU overlays underneath and a non-marking Rubber outsole for greater comfort.

Reebok Women’s Pt. Prime Runner Fc Running Shoes

This lavender grey colour with that slim mauve strip at the bottom is so chic to be teamed with your workout outfits. The fabric is a bit shiny which is making the design look even better. 

About the product specifications, the material type is synthetic with a lace up closure of same colour tone. We get 90 days manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects. The upper construction is mesh with PU overlays while the outsole is of pure rubber. 


Coming to the brand description, Reebok is an English company with its current headquarters in the United States, which became a subsidiary company to the german MNC Adidas in 2005. The brand now manufactures a vast range of apparels and accessories for sports markets worldwide. 


Fila Women’s Lap PNK SDW/BLK Running Shoes

One can witness the beauty of a single colour design in this smart pair of running shoes by Fila. The sleek shape and trendy pink colour will add on a girly and stylish statement to your workout wardrobe. The black coloured brand logo on the side is like a part of the design. 

In the product description, I will state that it is half mesh with the outer rubber material which is washable easily. The toe style is round with a lace up closure of same coloured laces. The pair comes with a manufacturer and seller warranty of 90 days for any manufacturing defects. 

Fila Women’s Abela Running Shoes

This combination of evergreen black and shiny brinjal purple is hitting the design in the right way. The brand name is written in the highlighting colour on the sides as a part of the design. 

About the product specifications, the material is vinyl and the closure type is lace up. We get 90 days manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects. The shoes are constructed with PU overlays and rubber sole for the comfort of feet. 


Coming to the brand details, Fila is an Italian company with its headquarters in Biella, founded 108 years ago. This brand was originally famous for manufacturing branded underwear, but it moved towards manufacturing sportswear in 1970. This is probably the oldest brand in my list with its huge goodwill because of the value for money on all the articles including athletic shoes, clothing and accessories. 


Lee Cooper Women’s Running Shoes

The unconventional shape and colour of this pair caught my eyes. Lee cooper is obviously a trusted brand so we can experiment with these shoes with minimum risk. These red triangles on the bright blue colour in this unique shape is something different from the typical sport shoe look. The shape and sole is specifically designed for the sole purpose of running with a secure grip and faster pace. 

In the segment of product details, I would mention that the material is synthetic with the patch of compulsory mesh in the front part. The closure is lace up with small length of similar coloured laces. Also, we get a 30 days manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects.


About the brand specifications, Lee Cooper was founded in 1908 by Morris Cooper after his own last name which is currently selling its articles in more than 100 countries. Especially known for its apparel and denim collections, the brand introduced its range of footwear in 1995. 


Lotto Women’s Augusta Running Shoes

This bright combination of pink and black is pretty eye catchy. Small pink laces with a nice white striped mesh in the front are making the pair cool. Though that broad maroon stripe on the sides is less noticeable in comparison to the bright pink elements, it is of course completing the overall design. Plus, the dark colours always have the advantage of putting in lesser efforts to keep them clean. 

Coming to the product description, the material is mesh with a small lace up closure and a 30 days manufacturer warranty on any manufacturing defects. The pair comes with a lightweight injected EVA midsole. 

Talking about the brand, Lotto is an Italian brand named over the last name of its founder. Currently, Lotto is selling its products in 100 countries through its independent outlets or specialised departmental stores and online websites. 


Red Tape Women’s Running Shoes

The thing I liked the most about this pair is its single colour. The minimalist design is the beauty here. All the three colours black, navy and peachy pink are nice and fresh. The concept of similar coloured laces and just a touch of another colour under the sole is attractive. 

Telling about the product specifications, the material is mesh with lace up closure and 90 days warranty against manufacturing defects. The inner sole is properly cushioned just like the higher brands in the hierarchy for greater comfort and tireless grip. 


Coming to the brand specifications, Red Tape is an international brand, founded 50 years ago. The brand now has customers for its good quality clothes and footwear variety at reasonable prices all over the world. 


Sparx Women SL-124 Sports Shoes

Available in three vibrant colour combinations, red and black, pink and grey, navy and pink, the overall design is stylish and girlish with that little printed fabric attached at the back. Though age is not a bar to change your choices, still if you are in your middle age and prefer less colours, black and red is the combination for you. But for the younger fitness freaks, grey and pink will be a smart choice. 

Telling about the product details, it has EVA sole with a lace up closure and mesh material. The synthetic overlays provide flexibility and breathability to make it comfortable for you to wear it for a longer duration. 


Coming to the brand details, sparx is third most trusted footwear brand exclusive to India. It is famous for its sporty designs and affordable prices. There is a wide range of colours and designs with cushioned soles so that compromise in price does not mean a compromise in quality, comfort or durability. 


Asian Fashion-13 Running Shoes, Gym shoes, canvas shoes, training shoes, sports shoes for Women

With the typical shape and design of a sport shoe, this smart pair is available in three colour combinations; red on black, royal blue on navy and light pink on grey. The side four lines and white sole give a nice sporty look. We have webbed sole for a secure grip on the field. 

Describing the product, the upper material is mesh in combination to the synthetic sides with lace up closure and EVA sole. Minus being the absence of any warranty, this product is probably the least expensive in this list. 


As a brand, Asian is known to be the most trusted shoe brand in India with the famous cricketer Virendra Sehwag as it’s brand ambassador. With the advantage of its low prices, Asian has been successful in expanding its variety into different segmented ranges separate for kids and sports utility. 


Keeping in mind the fluctuations in budget and requirements of different customers, we have tried to enlist all the good quality brands of running shoes for you so that you are able to pick up the right one for you and get ready to workout tirelessly. Happy exercising!