We being social animals, continuously observe and judge the people we meet on the basis of different parameters. It is a common interview question that what is the first thing we notice in a person when we meet him. Some people notice eyes, some notice hands, some notice voice while some notice the body smell and we end up judging that person on these basis. Picking up the last parameter, our body smell represents both our hygiene and personality. That is why we have a thing called perfume. 

Perfume is probably one of the oldest items in cosmetic world, since it was used by ancient kings and queens and called them ‘ittra’. The bottles, packings, brands, fragrances of perfumes may have changed since then, but clearly their importance has not. 

We always need a complimenting fragrance according the occasion. We need a light and fresh fragrance for a day out with family, we need a sexy fragrance for a date, we need a moderate pleasant fragrance for an interview while we need a strong one for an all-night disco party. Even if we are not really a perfume person, at certain occasions, we all feel like having a light spray on our wrist near the pulse point or a slight dab on the side neck, under the hairline. So perfumes are known to be the inseparable accessory to our couture. 

Here are the top picks suggested by us: 

GUESS GUESS Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 2.5 Ounce The bottle and packing of this high-rated body fragrance comes in combination of feminine pink and silver. The pink outer pack reveals the richness of the brand and when we open the pack, we are bound to be impressed with this unique bottle with a vague formation of letter G to denote the brand name. 

Coming to the most important aspect, the fragrance is sweet and sexy at the same time. The perfume is a blend of fragrances of bergamot, tangerine and green apple. Undertones include cedar wood, moss, amber and musk. We also get to smell a little of peach. The fragrance is obviously long lasting and skin friendly. 

Talking about the brand, this inverted red triangle is as famous in accessories as it is in clothing. I am not sure if you have heard any such song but GUESS has been used in many song lyrics to indicate a top quality and expensive brand. Serving the fashion lovers since 38 years now, it is still rising in terms of quality and popularity through its numerous outlets all over India. 

BVLGARI Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste By Bvlgari For Women 65 ml Oh god, this unique and cute bottle took my heart. Other crazy girls like me who love to collect perfumes for their wonderful bottles and not fragrances must have this product by Bvlgari to add 

in their list. The purplish glass rounds moulded and twisted into each other will surely make your dressing table lit. 

Talking about the fragrance, the scent by brands like Bvlgari have to be long lasting and skin friendly. The fragrance is soothing due to fresh grapefruit, green sap, Bulgarian Rose, Irish Heliotrope and Solar woods blend together in perfect ratios. The fragrance is mild and stays for over half a day. 

Originally Bulgari, stylised as Bvlgari is an Italian brand known for manufacturing jewellery, watches, fragrances and leather products in extremely luxurious designs. Founded 135 years ago with its headquarters in Rome, the brand is currently enjoying a proud position in the respective field. 

VERSACE Versace Bright Crystal EDT for women, 50 ml I could not stop myself from watching the video of the bottle on the shopping site on which I was researching about this scent. The crystal glass cap of the bottle shines no less than a massive diamond. The bottle containing the scent beneath this cap is yet more luxurious. The pink coloured liquid in that clear glass rectangular bottle is making it appear so girlish and stylish. 

About the fragrance, I would say that it is an alluring bouquet of fragrances of various florets including Magnolia and Lotus. We also have the charm of juicy pomegranate grains and iced freshness of vegetal amber to delight the senses. 

The brand, founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace, is an Italian luxury brand which is renowned for selling designer apparels and accessories at steep prices to satisfy the senses of its elite consumer base. 

CAROLINA HERRERA Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum, 80 ml Can you believe the design of the bottle, ladies. If you are in love with collecting heels and fragrances, this is a combined present to your both collections. These silver high heels in combination with blue luminous glass are sure to lift you high with the equally mesmerising fragrant liquid that it contains. 

This fragrance is a weapon to kill the passersby in awe for the ‘good girl’ who wears it. The scent of tuberose and Sambac Jasmine helps you gracefully expose her good side while the addictive elements of roasted Tonka beans and Cocoa encourages her to reveal to celebrate her bad side in style. Henceforth, this scent pushes her into a dare to be her real self. 

The ‘Good Girl’ range by Carolina Herrera is for the independent ladies out there who do not wish to live on others commands and love and celebrate their flaws as much as they admire 

their qualities. This concept by Carolina Herrera of empowering femininity through these classy high heels is so far so successful. 

LACOSTE Lacoste L. 12.12 Sparkling Eau De Toilette Spray, 90 ml/ 3oz This 90 ml bottle in this classy geometric shape with a rich metallic bottle cap with that branded green little reptile on the top right corner showing off the richness of Lacoste. The feminine pink outer pack with thin white border on three of the sides appears to be really luxurious. 

The fragrance is a floral and fruity to accessorize you with self-confidence. The scent consists of the charm of mandarin, red apple, blackberry and a few spices. It also consists of the heart notes of french macaroons, cotton candy and lily. We also get to experience base notes of patchouli, vetiver, cashmere and musk. This fragrance is most suited to be worn in summer and spring seasons. 

Coming to Lacoste as a brand is a French company founded by a tennis player which is highly rated among the buyers of clothes, shoes, perfumes and accessories like wallets and sunglasses. The brand is available easily through its outlets all over India and numerous shopping websites. Rest, the crocodile says it all which has been serving shopaholics since 86 years now. 

GUCCI Gucci Guilty EDT for women, 75 ml Golden is the new black and we get to find both of these favourite colours in the packing of a single perfume. The rich black packing encloses even a more rich golden bottle with the signature Gucci design in the exact middle. The bottle cap is of the same colour as that of the bottle which is making it yet more attractive. 

About the fragrance, we get to smell the soothing feature notes of mandarin, pink pepper, peach and lilac. These fragrances are being coupled with the notes of geranium, amber and patchouli. The fragrance is ideal to be worn in almost all kinds of occasions. But the scent being strong and dynamic is majorly meant to accessorise glamorous and daring ladies. 

Proudly flashing its name in the list of Top 100 brands of the world, Gucci was founded 98 years ago with its headquarters in Florence, Italy. The brand is now capable of boasting its high rated name on the products like watches, perfumes and other fashion and leather goods which are mouthwatering for luxury fashion lovers across the globe. 

CALVIN KLEIN Calvin Klein Women Eau De Parfum, Pink, Woody Floral, 100 ml This crystal glass is perfectly moulded in an attractive rectangular shaped bottle to provide us the ideal fragrance in an ideal bottle by Calvin Klein. The pink transparent scent is alluringly visible from outside the clear glass bottle which itself is a look enhancer for the product. 

Coming to the fragrance, Calvin Klein has amazingly managed to bring us the charming essence of delicate orange florets. We also get to witness fresh eucalyptus and alaskan cedar wood through a little application of this perfume which comes in this sleek packing with a stylish side spray point and a transparent cap. 

The brand is named on the name of founder himself, who founded this American Luxury Fashion house 51 years ago. The company consists of top designers of the world to give the best quality and unique designs to all the CK lovers. Besides watches, sunglasses and perfumes, the brand also extends the branches of its innovation in the field of home furnishings. 

PRADA Prada Candy Eau De Toilette Spray For women 2.7 Ounce This baby peach coloured scent in basic round glass bottle with peach top and a sleek black umbrella lid is a sure fascinator. The name of the brand being boasted in bold golden letters embossed on the top peach end with same gold border lines is making the fragrance look really expensive and luxurious. 

About the scent, we get an oriental aroma of vanilla with a sweet blend of white musk and caramel. We also get to smell the top notes of Italian citrus to suit the contemporary women. We have the heart note of sweet pea and base notes of benzoin to impart the perfect perfume impression. 

Founded 106 years ago, Prada is another luxury brand from Italy. Some of the popularly admired products from Prada include clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories, jewelry, perfumes, spirits and watches. Even more famed for its leather handbags and shoes, Parada is currently earning from its 618 boutiques worldwide. 

MICHAEL KORS Michael Kors Coral Women’s Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 Ounce The bright yet soothing red colour of the scent is what caught my eyes. Though the bottle is plain and simple, the outer pack is flaunting the brand name in gold with the same red as the base color. The bottle otherwise the basic square glass bottle with a congruent cap in balanced silver color. 

This coral fragrance is floral due to the proportionate mix of pink grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, pink pepper, black currant, tuberose and jasmine tea. We also get a clue to the presence of essence of orange blossom, sandalwood, cedar, musk and ambrox notes. 

Talking about MK as a brand, it is known to be the top most brand in handbags and fragrances. The famous American fashion designer Michael Kors is the Chief Creative Officer of the brand himself. 

FCUK FCUK Connect for Her Eau De Toilette Spray for Women, 100 ml The bright orange scent beautifully caged in the middle of broad silver metal borders with a tiny spray hole at the top is a must add to your perfume collection. We can always trust FCUK for its quality and freshness of the fragrances in designer bottles. The outer packing is yet more simple with all greyish white box reading the word ‘connect’ vertically in vibrant red letters and the brand name beneath. 

About the scent, it is an overall floral woody musk fragrance with the top notes of lotus flower and bergamot. To add further grace, we get the heart notes of jasmine, violet and peony and the base notes including musk, sandalwood, virginia cedar and amber in appropriate ratios to produce the desired decent aroma. 

French Connection United Kingdom, popularly known as FCUK is a global brand based in the UK which was founded in 1972 with its headquarters in London. Stephen Marks gave birth to this international brand of clothing and accessories exclusively for women but gradually the positive response of the market enabled it to expand itself to the present stage. 

POLICE Police To Be Tattoo Art Women EDP 125 ml Our tongue says nothing less than a ‘Wow’ after a glance at this super chic bottle by Police. Though we know that it is the signature style of Police to offer fragrances in such kind of bottles carved in a danger sign which ultimately signifies the brand logo, but this one is even more unique due to the opaqueness and that rose tattoo on the top of the skull. The hanging golden chain from the golden lid is putting the cherry on the cake. Even the outer box comes with a similar theme. 

Talking about the fragrance, once we apply a little of this fragrance, we tend to witness the top notes of apple blossom, freesia, plum and maple sap. If we sink deeper into the aroma, our nose will get a taste of heart notes which include Jasmine, Violet, Wild Rose and Heliotrope. Coming to the base notes, they have added Sandalwood, Cedar, Marshmallow and Musk. 

Launched in 1983, Police is an Italian Fashion brand specialised in manufacturing classy accessories for all ages and genders. The brand is famed for its sunglasses, watches and fragrances. The brand has also marketed itself through esteemed people like George Cloony and David Beckham. 

DIOR Dior Addict by Christian Dior for Women- 3.4 Ounce EDP Spray The deep blue glass bottle enclosed in light pink otterbox is a surprise in context of both the colour and fragrance. The cap of the bottle is kinda royal with a tiny silvery grip. The cap ends 

with a silver border which is completing the look of bottle. The brand name is being flashed in dull golden at the bottom. 

Coming to the fragrance, it is recommended to be worn in the daytime as it is a mild aroma but with an intense floral touch. The top notes are silkwood blossom and mandarin orange while the middle note is night blooming cereus with vanilla as the base note. The fragrance is majorly aimed to be worn in Winter and Fall seasons. 

Originally Christian Dior, the brand is more popularly called Dior among its admirer customers. It is a french luxury house with its headquarters in Paris and it currently serving at 210 locations on the globe. Christian Dior founded this brand on his name himself seven decades ago. 

TOMMY HILFIGER Tommy Hilfiger EDT for Women, 3.4 Oz Though the bottle is not so extraordinary with a plain glass which reads ‘tommy girl’ in bold red colour in the exact middle. The bottle comes with a carved silver cap and the signature striped outer pack in red, white and blue colours. That is all about the design of packing but we can surely trust Tommy as a brand in terms of the quality products it delivers to its customers. 

About the fragrance, it is also a floral fruity smell like other women fragrances with the top notes of black currant, manadrin orange and Apple Tree Blossom. We get middle notes of Honeysuckle, Lily, Violet, Mint, Grapefruit, Lemon and Rose. We also get a hint of Magnolia, Sandalwood, Jasmine and Cedar in the form of base notes. 

Coming to Tommy Hilfiger as a brand is an American Fashion company which was founded by Tommy Hilfiger himself. The brand is gaining popularity in India due to its comparatively lower prices than other brands of such a level and standard. Shoppers are loving apparels as well as accessories by Tommy so much so that now there are separate Tommy Hilfiger outlets for kids too. 

UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON United Colors of Benetton Colors for Her Eau De Toilette, 80 ml This vibrant purple fragrance is eye catchy and nose catchy simultaneously. The similar coloured cap in the shape of the logo of United Colors is a unique way to flaunt the ‘brandness of the product. This round glass bottle also displays the brand in dull yet shimmery gold letters in the middle of the bottle. The outer box comes in the same color tone in a square shape. 

This fragrance is an outcome of blending bergamot and grapefruit as top notes, heart notes of neroli, jasmine and rose. We also get to have the soothing patchouli and praline musk as base notes. In a nutshell, it is sensual and powerful fragrance for the young and radiant women. 

Benetton Group is also based in Italy since its foundation was laid 54 years ago. The company’s major business includes clothing under the brand names United Colors of Benetton and Sisley. 

Former brand, commonly abbreviated as UCB, is popular for its affordable range of products in the industries of shoes, bags and accessories apart from clothing as a major. The Group owns as many as 5,000 stores around the world. 

CONCLUSION Perfumes were, perfumes are, and perfumes will continue to be the most important accessory to be worn for every occasion. So here is the list of most loved articles for you. Hope you take a couple of them to your collection wardrobe!