How do you feel when you cross something which is stinking badly? We all feel the same type of way. And what if that something stinking is our body for the ones who pass along us or sitting beside us. That is even worse. If someone points us about our body hygienic, we all have a tendency to feel complex and miserable. We will feel exactly similar if the case is our body odour. 

Everyone loves to enjoy the company of a pleasantly smelling person and it is exactly opposite for the ones who emit foul smell due to excessive sweating. No matter how beautifully dressed we are, our body smell can ruin everything. This is a common problem for all of us during summers when our shirts feel drenched in sweat due to extreme heat or some physical activities. 

In summers, our body releases fats and other nutrients with salt in the form of sweat which upon drying leaves a weird and unpleasant smell on our clothes and skin.  We can’t control the summer heat or sweat, but we can control the odour. The most natural way of doing this is drinking lots and lots of water. This will make our skin glow and sweat odourless. But if you are stubborn enough about adopting new habits, deodorant is the thing for you.

What is a deodorant?

A deodorant, more commonly known as a deo is a chemical substance which can be used (mostly sprayed) to conceal unpleasant odours, especially body odours. It has become a common cosmetic product in all the homes now so it comes in large varieties by large brands to give you enough to choose the right one for yourself according to your skin type. 

Types of deodorants:

  • Gel: These types of deodorizers were common before the latest sprays came into fame. These gel deodorizers were easy to apply, just like a moisturizer. These are like a translucent thick liquid with anti-perspiration properties but mentioning the disadvantages, they felt very wet, sticky and gross. Examples will include Gillette Clear Gel.
  • Roll-ons: These are a good alternative to the sprays. They usually comprise of a small glass bottle containing the fragrant liquid and the bottle is topped with a rolling ball at the mouth, which you have to roll over your skin to get an amazing anti-perspiration scent. Example of this type of deo may include Nivea Roll-ons. But the disadvantage may include depositing of the sweat bacteria onto that roll on ball. Also, it is common to see that the liquid deo leaves residues on the skin once it gets dried up.
  • Spray: These are the most common, easiest and most convenient types of deodorisers. Usually, they come in an aluminium bottle with a spray nozzle and a plastic cap. They may contain alcohol in a certain amount because alcohol acts as an excellent bacteria-killing agent. You just have to spray the deo a few times underarms after the bath and you will feel fresh and odour free for several hours thereon. They do not leave any residues or deposits. These types of deo can be further classified into scented or unscented.
  • Scented wipes: 

How to apply?

  1. Take a shower properly cleansing the underarm area with a suitable shower gel.
  2. Wipe the underarms dry with a soft towel. Prefer tapping instead of rubbing harshly.
  3. Shake the deo can or bottle before applying.
  4. Hold the bottle about 15 cm away from the underarms and spray a considerable amount once or twice.
  5. Allow the deodorised skin to dry out properly before wearing clothes for best results.
  6. Keep the deodoriser away from direct sunlight to avoid inflammation. Also, keep it out of the reach from children because chemicals may be harmful to them. 
  7. Take care of your eyes while you spray. 



Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant For Women, 150ml

  • One should always choose the deo which is friendly to their skin type. And Nivea takes care of our skin sincerely and provides a safe deodoriser even for sensitive type of skin.
  • This nice white bottle with a blue button at the top is sleek and easy to hold and convenient to use. There is no detachable cap which eliminates any chances of breakage or cap getting lost. It is easy to press with a comfortable grip.
  • Any deo which exhibits excellent results when applied but vanishes off after a short time are never worth-buying. We must choose the one with a long-lasting effect because it is not practically possible to apply a deodoriser after every hour to keep the odour away. Once applied properly, you do not need to be conscious anymore because Nivea deo safeguards you from bad body odour for a long period of time. 
  • The ingredients include Ocean Extracts which emit a mild and soothing fragrance after concealing our original body smell and reducing any further sweating because of the presence of antimicrobial agents to keep the stinking bacteria away
  • The underarm skin is a very delicate patch of the skin so we must apply the cosmetics carefully on this part. Nivea deodoriser takes care of our sensitive skin and provides an even tone smoothly so that you girls can wear sleeveless confidently.

Describing the brand in detail, Nivea is a German-based brand founded 108 long years ago, known for its wide range of personal care products and cosmetics like shaving creams, toners, cold creams, talcum powders and much more. Despite a few controversies a few years back, Nivea has not lost its loyal customers and maintained an even higher position in the respective field by selling quality products in nice packing at affordable prices. The brand is popular in India so much so that it is available on almost all the tiny stores of female goodies in Indian streets. 


Nike Women Casual Deo for Women, Extreme Long Lasting, 200ml

  • Usually, fragrances appeal our senses according to the mood and time but this scent by Nike will not fail to impress at any time of the day. 
  • The requirement for refreshing deodoriser increases in summers when we tend to start sweating even immediately after the bath. But Nike being a high-quality brand has managed to bring us a long-lasting effect of this deo which is totally safe for daily application.
  • The neon green bottle with a slim pink border at the extreme bottom is eye-catchy and easy to use at the same time. The spray nozzle is soft to press with a handy grip. 

Talking about the brand details, with the tagline of ‘Just Do It’, Nike is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to sportswear. It is basically an American MNC founded 55 years ago with headquarters in Washington. Formerly known as ‘ Blue Ribbon Sports’, the company is now named after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, since 1971. Nike is the second-largest manufacturer of sportswear after Adidas in Europe. 


Beverly Hills Polo Club 9 Fragrance Spray for Women, 150ml

  • Though it is difficult to categorise fragrances for different genders but there are some unknown factors based on which we feel that certain scents are for males while others are for females. According to that rule, this fragrance is a pure feminine material.
  • This deep pink colour with a little blue in combination is making the bottle look girlish. Number 9 as they name it is known to be the most sensual scent by Beverly Hills Polo Club.
  • When you will start your summer day with this cool and fresh fragrance, you can escape the irritation of a typical humid hot day while making your body odour free and non-sticky.

Telling about the brand description, Beverly Hills Polo Club, more commonly known as BHPC was founded in 1982 in inspiration to a luxurious lifestyle. With that sporty logo which is famous enough, the brand is good at manufacturing both apparels and accessories under which a considerable share is occupied by a range of deodorants for both men and women which are uniquely numbered like 3, 8, 9, etc. for identification. 


Eva Deo Spray, Sweet Bouquet, 125ml

  • The soft peach colour bottle itself talks about its skin-friendly properties with that cute little white butterfly on the side. The deodoriser is prepared without adding alcohol in any form for a gentle effect on your sensitive skin.
  • Sweet Bouquet as they have named it denotes the presence of notes of Jasmine and Lily blend together as key ingredients to provide the user with a charming fragrance throughout a hot summer day.
  • In the case of excessive sweating on a humid day, this product by Eva will help in fighting the odour causing bacteria present in our sweat salt and further this spray will work towards maintaining the naturally required pH level of the skin.
  • They claim it to be effective and long-lasting for a period long enough like the whole 24 hours but if we go for practical results, the scent actually has a long stay but not as incredible as the whole day. 


Engage New Metal Range Drizzle Deodorant Spray For Women, 165ml /110 g

  • This product by Engage is actually a unique contribution to the ground of Deodorisers as the name Drizzle itself is different enough to denote an exclusive fragrance.
  • The deodorants by Engage are believed to be long-lasting when they applied following the mentioned directions regularly.
  • The crown wearing ingredient of all ingredients used in the creation of this product is rich lavender which is known for its characteristics of spreading a fresh floral aroma which is ideal to be worn by the contemporary women.
  • The silver-grey bottle pack with a transparent cap and a little lustre are all you need to adorn your toiletries table with. The bottle is further decorated with shining self-design figures in a sleek shape for a unique look. Needless to mention, the bottle offers a comfortable grip with an easy to press facility. 

Telling about the brand details, Engage was an innovative expansion idea by ITC group in 2013 to launch an expert brand in the field of manufacturing deodorants exclusively for both men and women. Since then, Engage has been granting safe and quality products to its valuable customers and has managed to be enlisted in the best Deodorants brands of India throughout a consecutive row of years. The deodorants by this brand are being widely sold due to innovative packing and creative design of bottles with that pretty signature element of adding silhouettes on the pack. 


Yardley London Royal Red Roses Refreshing Deo For Women, 150ml

  • Since the roses were created by Nature, they are endlessly adored for their beauty and enchanting fragrance. So this deodorant by Yardley has attempted to use that charm of roses as king ingredient to blend a nicely scented deodorant for all the empowering women.
  • Yardley has endlessly put efforts into bringing English Luxuries to India so this range of deodorants is just one facet which provides an endless freshness and odour free body throughout the day.
  • When you have worn this soothing rose-full scent to walk into your workplace, it will not fail to impress anyone who passes by you due to its mild scent which makes it easy to please human senses. Of Course, the product is skin-friendly and safe to be worn on all skin types.

About the brand, Yardley Of London is a British company with a strong foundation in the deo industry with a considerable market share in the Indian Cosmetic market. Founded long back in 1770 by William Yardley on his own name, the brand now has a huge hill of goodwill and an uncountable crowd of loyal customers. 


Fogg Fragrant Body Spray For Women, Paradise, 150ml

  • This deep purple bottle with a deep fragrance is actually representing the depth of the characters of women. The brand name is being shown off in bold gold letters across the bottle. The cap of the can is similar coloured plastic material with a slanting top to add further design to the packing.
  • Paradise, as they have named it is actually a bouquet of alluring fragrances tied up together to make you smell like a paradise throughout your day out. The fragrance is feminine yet bold.
  • The deodorant is perfume based which not only kills out the sweat bacteria which cause odour but also works on making us feel fresh further. 
  • While aiming at being good at socialising in today’s era requires an array of parameters to be conquered. The outfit is obviously not the only thing that makes you stand out of the crowd. The way we carry and present ourselves makes the ball bounce in our court. And a pleasing body smell comes on the top of that accessory list that all of us ladies must wear. And this deodorant by Fogg is exactly the thing for that purpose.

Talking about the brand in detail, Fogg is an Indian based brand which was an initiative of Vini Cosmetics, now famed to manufacture deodorants without adding any gas at all. The company uses non-aerosol pumps to make the single bottle last for more than a month, in comparison to 15-20 days lasting of other deodorants, provided the usage is regular and equal. 


Adidas Fruity Rhythm Perfumed Deodorant Body Spray For Women, 150ml

  • Females are believed to be sweet, delicate and polite by nature. Though all of us are not like that compulsorily but this deodorant is for those who possess these qualities in abundance. In that case, a sweet smile with a sweet aroma is all you need to impress in masses. This product by Adidas accomplishes the above-mentioned fantasy.
  • With the ruling ingredients being the notes of raspberry, cyclamen and sandalwood, this deodoriser exhibits a sweet floral and fruity fragrance that will revitalize the feminism in you.
  • The product is created without adding any aluminium salts at all for a totally safe and soft application on your sensitive skin on a daily basis.

Coming to the brand about, formerly known as Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik, renamed as Adidas in 1949 is a German multinational Corporation founded 95 years ago by Adolf Dassler in his mother’s house. It is the largest sportswear manufacturing company in Europe at present. 


Gone are the days when Indian Ladies were supposedly meant to be housewives to work in their kitchens all day and the smell of spices and condiments were the only scents in their knowledge. It is so proud to see women-identifying and empowering themselves and they must celebrate and show off this independence from objectivity by wearing bold fragrances to exhibit their identity and spread their aroma. So ladies, scroll over the article and choose the best fragrance to celebrate your coronation. Happy conquering!