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Gone are the days when ‘Rajma Chawal’ used to be the favourite meal of every Indian. McDonald’s maharaja burgers or Dominos extravaganza pizzas are briskly replacing the former in our favorite lists whilst PUBG and PlayStation are replacing traditional outdoor games.

With modernization and development comes more luxurious lifestyle, and with more luxuries and comforts come laziness and many health problems. It is that time of the modernization wave where we Indians love to copy foreign lifestyle, we are feeling modernized by imitating their habits and culture. But this sense of accomplishment is pretty short-lived. 

With the flow of ‘modern’ habits like increased consumption of packed or junk foods and reduced physical activities, problems like overweight or obesity are also flowing to India at a similar rate.

The consequences are clearly visible- increased Google searches on topics like ‘How to reduce belly fat’, ‘How to reduce face fat’, ‘How to lose weight instantly’. So, our website just thought of helping you by easing out this search for you. Here is a list of few easy tips to reduce face fat in this article. 


It is not everyone’s cup of tea to reduce kilograms easily. It requires unlimited patience and perseverance once you set your objective. It is even more difficult to reduce fat from a particular part of the body whether it is your belly or face. The most common visibilities of fatty tissues in your face area consist of double chin or chubby cheeks. 


1. Drink more water

Regular intake of water makes our skin as flawless and glowing as no other beauty product can. But drinking the prescribed amount of water is a ‘task’ for too many of us, who don’t even, bring that to our priority lists. We should ideally drink two liters of water on an average every day to keep all the body mechanisms healthy and skin radiant and glowing. 

Besides promoting the radiance of the skin, the water intake reduces our appetite and hence reduces our calories intake. Further, it controls our diet which prevents accumulation of facial fat

2. Facial exercises

Just like we do physical exercises to reduce our body fat, there are various exercises to reduce face fat as well; there are many youtube tutorials available to teach you these specific exercises. 

Naming a few of them, stretch your cheek muscles upwards with your hands towards your eyes and stay in that position for a few minutes, do this regularly to witness results.

3. Keep an eye on your Diet

If we research about the fastest growing occupations in recent years, doctors & dietitians will surely come out to be in one of the tops in that list. If there can be a diet chart to reduce belly fat, then similar schedules can be followed to reduce face fat as well. 

Avoid eating foods which are rich in carbohydrates and fats. Also avoid too much sodium intake because that is directly linked to accumulation of fatty tissue around the facial area.

4. Moving towards lesser alcohol and tobacco 

An occasional glass of wine cannot harm our bodies but excess consumption of alcohol has a long list of side effects. Too much alcohol fills up our empty stomach and reduces our appetite. 

Things like whiskey and tobacco have high amount of calories in them while at the same time, they contain very less nutrients. So these calories integrate in our facial region and make our face look fatter. That is why a swollen face usually hints towards a drunkard person.

5. Home remedies 

Green Tea

Most of we Indians are addicted to having ‘bed tea’ whether it is a good night tea or a good morning tea but unfortunately this addiction increases our kilograms. 

But this is not to make the tea lovers sad because you have a safe alternative now i.e. green tea. Drinking green tea after meals, especially dinner reduces the rate of weight gain to a considerable extent. 

Though I personally dislike the taste of typical green tea, but as my mother says, its taste can be enhanced by adding condiments like lemon, honey or turmeric, which will make it even more beneficial. Once you build up the habit of having green tea, your taste will develop gradually.  

Lemon water

We all know that lemon has uncountable health benefits and medicinal properties including weight loss as a major one. These small little yellow balls are really magic for health and skin.

As per your taste you can add freshly squeezed lemon juice to cold or lukewarm water. Make it a habit to drink one glass of lemonade every day to get rid of stubborn face fat.


All the elder ladies may tell you about this common tip to reduce face fat. Though this is not scientifically proven, but it may work according to type of fatty tissue you have. 

If your face is fat and broader from the bottom end, gently massage your double chin with a little amount of raw milk for a few minutes before bathing every day to get your chin back in shape. But make sure the direction of your hands while massaging is from top of the chin to the bottom of the neck instead of bottom to top. The wrong direction may lead to the results which are opposite to the desired. 

6 Cardio

It is good news that females are getting aware about the importance of keeping their bodies in shape. In fact they are more eager to join gyms than their husbands. But we have even more interesting alternatives to gyms now. We have options of fun exercises like zumba and aerobics. These exercises help to decrease our weight from every part including face in a less boring way. 

7. Sleep

Most of us mistake it to be more sleep, more benefits, but actually it is just the average seven hours of sleep required by a normal human body to keep problems away. Lack of sufficient sleep may lead to dark circles and early wrinkling.

Also, both of the extremes, whether lack of sleep or excess of sleep are harmful for the health. More sleeping hours means lack of physical activity, so it leads to weight gain. Also, lack of sleep means more appetite which means more food, which means more calories and fats. So, if you are aiming for a strict weight loss target, schedule your sleep properly.

7. Neckline slimmer

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8. Chin lifting belt

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This free size belt holds up your loose hanging skin tightly in the right place and shape. This helps to reduce double chin, tone up your masseter muscle and reduces the sagging of cheeks and gives the adequate shape to the cheeks and jaw. It also minimizes the face lines while you are asleep. The mask is washable and user-friendly. 


So now that we have all the tips, DOs and DONTs, let us together say a happy bye-bye to the stubborn facial fat and get our pretty faces back in Selfie-perfect shapes!